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The trademark, with which a product can be advertised, is the most important non-technical protective right. Its importance has consistently increased over recent years, since it can represent a considerable value for the trademark holder.

In Germany, trademark protection arises through the registration of a mark as a trademark in the register held by the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). Apart from this registered trademark, there is another possible way of acquiring trademark protection. This trademark, known as a trademark acquired by use, arises through intensive use of the mark as a trademark in the commercial trade, as a result of which the mark acquires prestige among the trade circles concerned. The attainment of prestige is usually established through opinion poll surveys and is therefore an expensive matter. Preference is therefore given to the registered trademark.

Another possibility of protecting a product is by applying for a geographical indication. With such information some food items and agricultural products can be protected by means of certain special features, in particular those that show a link to their geographic origin.

If you would like to learn more about trademarks or about geographical indications of origin, you can download the respective article from our download area.

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